Food occupies a special place in Korean culture – from ancient times until the mid-twentieth century, life was often hard, especially in the harsh Korean winters, and food sometimes scarce.

Appreciation of the pleasures of a substantial tasty meal became deeply ingrained in Korean culture. From the simple home-grown food of the farming population to the lavish banquets of the royal palace, where special officials were designated to supervise every aspect of feeding the court, Koreans at all levels learned to value good food.

Korea’s unique cuisine often made a virtue out of necessity. Kimchi, Korea’s famous fermented vegetable dish, originated as a way of preserving vegetables through the long winters, became the country’s most famous delicacy, now enjoyed worldwide.

Eating remains one of the great pleasures of life in the prosperous industrialised Korea of today. Koreans truly enjoy their food – and at Hungry Korean, you can share in that enjoyment with our traditional home-cooked Korean dishes. Come and explore one of Asia’s most under-appreciated cuisines!